Charisse Beach

I am Charisse Beach, M.Ed., an alum of Bradley University (undergrad) and Governors State University (grad). I began professional development trainings during my tenure as principal of Premier Academy in Joliet IL., a Regional Safe School for middle and high school students. Under my leadership, an average 83% of students transitioned back to their home schools with grade-level or above credits.  This marked my first professional milestone; and I felt compelled to share my knowledge and experience to encourage other educators and parents. 

As a result, I authored At-Risk Students: Transforming Student Behavior, which details the warning signs of disturbing behaviors,  often overlooked by educators and/or misdiagnosed by mental health professionals. On November 14, 2024, I celebrated the 10-year anniversary of At-Risk Students! I no longer use the term “at-risk” because every student has a combination of risk and protective factors. We identify these factors within families, schools and communities. These factors can help or hurt academic potential. Poverty, a history of trauma or English learners, may or may not be “at risk” depending on their respective protective factors. Today, I refer to all students as “students”.

After the book, my youngest son, Oliver, and I created the Mental Health Intervention App (MHI) for individuals battling various disorders and the healthcare professionals who help them. Documenting the client’s mood and pattern of speech, the app communicates information to the healthcare professional, who can then alert the client to the appropriate next step.  MHI App  positively impacts mental health treatment and management. 

A study published in 2015 indicated that the social skills observed in kindergarten showed significant correlations with wellbeing at age 25! Here’s the problem:

  • 21.5% of 15,000 children are starting school without the social skills they need to learn or get along with others. 
  • 1 out of 6 children aged 2–8 years (17.4%) have a mental, behavior or developmental diagnosis.
  • 80% of public schools report that social skills have declined since COVID-19.

YTS’ programs, Risk & Protective Factors, Mental Health Intervention, and Game-based Learning, provide services to identify and address barriers that hinder personal, social, and acdemic success in today’s youth.  Over the past year, we successfully completed key initiatives: Game Development Internship for students seeking a game development degree, podcast host on game-based learning solutions, and our videogame developed up to level three. Our current goals are: onboarding AI, game-based learning solutions curriculum, debut of Education & Evolution Podcast, and the most anticipated launch of JAW!


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