The Social Media Epidemic

We are battling the social media epidemic of our lifetime. If you’re frustrated seeing your children with their heads buried in their phone, you are not alone. There have been a number of studies to confirm the correlation between social media use and increased depression, negative feelings resulting from comparison, higher anxiety, insomnia, and impulsive behavior.

The brutal facts are youth who spend 4-5 hours (or more) a day on their smartphones increase their risk of anxiety and depression by 27%. Additionally, FOMO (fear of missing out), cyberbullying, and online peer pressure have deeply affected young and older people on various social media platforms.

Check out unplugging from social mediaIn the meantime, let’s explore these 7 behaviors that may help you manage, model, and monitor your child’s social media use through SEL Impact.

1. Demonstrate appropriate social media behavior.

2. Be a great listener and maintain honest communication.

3. Encourage alternative activities to limit social media use.

4. Understand/research the popular apps kids are using.


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